Quick Tips To Reduce Your Website Load Time

by Carol on October 10, 2013


Why do you need a fast website? Have you been noticing dropping traffic to your website with great distress? Are you always passionate about your content and offer something enriching to your visitors? Then it must be even more baffling, why your email subscription lists are not swelling and that you largely see bounces in […]


7 Things to Consider when Outsourcing

by Carol on June 2, 2013

Outsourcing - Think Global

  One of the biggest changes in all business in recent years has been the ability for organisations to outsource work to overseas contractors. Whilst big corporations have been doing this for quite a few years now, it is certainly become more prevalent in the Internet Marketing space. So, if it is now becoming so […]


The Power of an Online Press Release

by Carol on April 29, 2012


If you think that the good old press release is just, well, old — then it’s probably time for you to take another look at this popular old school marketing tool.   It has transcended traditional media to become an effective instrument for internet marketing, but not without a bit of a makeover. Today, the […]



In the rush to succeed online, many people are paying large chunks of cash to learn vital business and internet marketing skills. We have done it and know many people who have done it as well. It’s easy to get sucked into following a guru and copying what they do, but sooner or later you […]


Online Project Management Software Review

by Carol on March 8, 2012

A critical thing in most businesses is managing projects and systematizing your business. It does not matter if the project you are managing is your own or a clients. The key with project management is to set goals and milestones so that you keep focused and on track to success. In fact, failing to set […]


frustrated woman

Recently I was reading a forum post about one person’s experience with affiliate marketing. Specifically the person has promoted some of the big names in Internet Marketing. His posts make an interesting read. Some of the issues of affiliate marketing for big Internet Marketer names are as follows. No Commissions on Back End Sales In […]


Local Business Consulting Tycoon

by Carol on August 16, 2011


One of the things that we have been getting into is local business consulting. It seemed a natural fit with my marketing background, Ray’s business background plus our combined Internet Marketing skills. To be honest, this wasn’t something that we decided to do initially. What changed our mind There seemed to be a big business […]


Give our man a name and win a prize!!

by Ray on July 7, 2011


Well, it’s been a busy time over the last few months and we have been putting many things in place. Some of you may have noticed our new logo and the new header on our website. We have also added this to our YouTube Channel, Twitter and of course Facebook.  In fact it would be great if […]


Ten Reasons Why You Should Have Gmail

by Carol on July 4, 2011


Gmail is a fabulous email agent and can be used as a great tool to tame your inbox. It can be used to cut out the clutter and noise and improve your productivity. I can hear your disbelief – lets explore how gmail can help you? 1. Gmail is Free One of the best things […]


How to Add Pages and Posts in WordPress

by Carol on June 18, 2011

Add -Pages-and-Posts-in-WordPress

When you first install WordPress, you will normally just see a Home page and an about page. These pages do not have any content added  by default.  You can easily add pages and posts that are relevant to your website.        To Add a Page 1. Go into the Pages Area (located on […]