How to Manage WordPress Widgets


There are 20,054,866 Million websites that are powered by wordpress today and it’s still growing every day. Why is wordpress this popular? With its simple interface and user friendly features there’s no reason why internet marketers and bloggers wouldn’t use this right? One of the important features of wordpress s the widgets. What is widget? […]

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How to Upload and Use WordPress Themes

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Are you tired of the standard default WordPress theme and want to know how to find and install some great themes on your website? Perhaps you can find any themes you like from the search box inside of WordPress. There are some other options. In this tutorial, I will be teaching you the basics of […]

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How to Add Video in a WordPress Post


A lot of people who use WordPress have asked me how to make their post standout from the rest. They want to know how they can make their post unique in a way that they can still deliver the thought of their post without posting it as merely a series of text? They want to […]

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Introduction to WordPress Plugins


A lot of people have been using WordPress to create blogs as well as websites. This because WordPress has many user friendly features. Even a newbie can easily create a wordpress blog or a website using wordpress. Another interesting feature about WordPress are plug-ins. So what is a plug-in? A plugin is something that improves […]

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How To Start An Affiliate Program


If you are just starting out in Internet Marketing and have created a product to sell, you might find that you want to set up an affiliate program to reward affiliates. You may even want to reward a person for their referral to your business. Fortunately, there is now an easy way to set this […]

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How to Change WordPress Themes


WordPress comes with a lot of themes that can be used for free and there are also paid ones as well. Changing one theme to the other is really simple. Here are 5 steps on how to change wordpress themes. 1. Go to the Appearance section in the dashboard.   2. You will see that there […]

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