Ten Reasons Why You Should Have Gmail

Ten-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Have-GmailGmail is a fabulous email agent and can be used as a great tool to tame your inbox. It can be used to cut out the clutter and noise and improve your productivity. I can hear your disbelief – lets explore how gmail can help you?

1. Gmail is Free

One of the best things about Gmail is that it is free. I don’t have to worry about paying for expensive software to send and receive email. Nor do I have to worry about updating it. I just use the same free platform day in day out.

2. You can Label Messages

The ability to label messages makes it easy to sort messages according to various topics. You can literally label any message and assign multiple labels to any messages. When you hit the label any message that has been assigned a particular label appear magically in front of your eyes.

3. You Can Have The Same Email Address Forever

I used to be reliant on using the email address that my Internet service provider gave me. After one went bankrupt and after changing Internet Services, I became irritated with sending emails to friends to let them know my new email address. I lost count off the number of friends I lost contact with after making the switch.

4. It Links To Other Google Services

Having a gmail account makes it a cinch to link to other Google services like Adwords, Analytics, Reader, You Tube, Website Optimizer and Webmaster Tools. The accounts are all linked so I can access all services without having to log in to other accounts. This makes gmail a great time saving device.

5. You Can Filter Messages

The best feature of gmail is the ability to filter. This means that you can set things up so that only the most important emails get delivered to your inbox. The rest still arrive but get sent directly to folders where you can deal with them at a more convenient time. It is a great way to work out what emails you get sent that you rarely look at.

6. You Can Have Up To 5 Return Email Addresses

A great feature of Gmail is that you can set up a number different email accounts and run them through just one gmail account.

For example, you can use gmail to send and receive email as carol@yourdomain.com rather than your gmail email address.

7. Web Based Not Computer Based

My old Outlook program had accumulated thousands of emails over the years. These emails took up valuable space on my computer. Using Gmail means that everything is stored in the cloud and I don’t have to worry about storage on my computer again.

The other good thing with a web based email program is that you have a back up if things go wrong. Recently my Microsoft Outlook program decided not to work after a Windows automatic update. It took about 1 week to resolve the issue. Had I been reliant on Outlook I would have been stuffed but since I made the transition to Gmail, I could send and receive emails easily without having any major interruptions to my business.

8. Grant Other People Access To Your Email Account

Like Outlook, you can give other people access to your account so it makes it easy for other people to look after your account if you are away on holidays.

9. Voice and Video Chat

Gmail has the ability to chat online – a handy feature which you can use to either type messages or have video calls to other people who are connected online.

10. Lots of Apps

There are literally hundreds of applications that you can use to really pimp out your gmail account. For example you can create a document from an email conversation or even add Google calendar gadgets so you can see your calendar within your email view.



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  1. Sidney Montgomery January 31, 2014 at 3:44 pm #

    Can I keep my old email address?

    • Carol February 14, 2014 at 11:55 am #

      Yes – you sure can.

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